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# TitleCategoryAnswered Date
1Send processed food ingredients (frozen pack) and alcohol to friend in VietnamCustoms Procedures10/09/2020
To who concern,

I wish to send gifts to my friend in Vietnam which are processed food ingredients (frozen pack) and alcohol like wines/whisky.

Please advise is there any restriction and what is the procedures.

Seeking understanding of the procedures before sending goods in 3 - 6 months.
2Export snacks and milk product from Hong Kong To Vietnam for BusinessTax issues08/09/2020
We are new to the Vietnam market and have questions regarding exporting snack and milk related product (Pudding, in room temperature) from Hong Kong to Vietnam.

Is there any Tax, License, Cert or Visa is needed to provide from exporter? The lead time to complete those procedure?

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.
3Customs clearance and taxes for goods imported to Socialist Republic of Việt NamTax issues, Customs Procedures07/09/2020
Dear Vietnam Customs Representatives,

I would like to congratulate the whole country for successfully containing the COVID-19 spread. It sets a good example for other countries on how to fight the virus.

My short question concerns the import of small diameter premium casing pipes from Russian Federation to successfully perform offshore drilling for various oil and gas companies in Vietnam.
Casing pipes will be delivered to Vung Tau on Incoterms CIF basis and we would like to understand the procedure of further Customs Clearance and Taxes and duties that needed to be done in order to be able to perform various preparatory operations with the pipes and deliver to future end users on offshore platforms.

Is there a certain grace period when we can import casing and put it into transit/temporary storage area in supply base territory for a short period of time and deliver it to end users without additional payments?

Also if the casing pipes are to be stored for a longer period are there any procedures for reexport to sell casing pipes to neighboring countries?

Thank you very much for such an interactive support service. Looking forward to visit Vietnam and start working on project and help to develop more sustainable local economy.

(I’m available through email and phone number if needed for more details and would appreciate if you could advice direct contacts for cooperation).

Best regards,
Kamil Khasanov
4Import duty on GiftsCustoms Procedures03/09/2020
Dear Sir
My son and his wife, uk residents, currently live and work in Ho Chi Minh City as teachers and our first grandchild was born in March this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic our visits to Vietnam have had to be cancelled. I should like to send gifts of brand new baby clothes and toys to my new grandchild whom we have not been able to meet yet. Please could you advise me what amounts of brand new baby clothes and toys I am able to send over to Vietnam from the UK without having to pay any import duty or tax when the parcel arrives in Vietnam.
Thank you.
5Deer meat export from Mauritius to VietnamCustoms Procedures26/08/2020
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are in the process of exporting deer meat and deer products to Vietnam and we would like to know what are the requirements in terms of documentation and permit.
Most grateful if you could please advise.

Thanks and regards,

Amaury de Fleuriot
Pro Antlers Trading Ltd
6Under the EVFTA, GSP Form ACustoms Procedures21/08/2020
Dear Sir/Madam

We are a garment factory at Vietnam, Garments will ship to EU, Can we apply GSP Form A in order to enjoy the EVFTA preferential tariffs ? But the fabric was imported from other country (example: China, S.Korea, Turkey or other country).

7Under the EVFTA, Which kind of C/O is needed for Textile?Customs Procedures13/08/2020
Dear Sir/Madam
Start from 1st August 2020, Based on EVFTA, all product will free duty to EU, my question is:
1. Which kind of C/O is needed for textile?
2. What is rule of origin material on C/O?

8Temporary import of electric auto rickshawCustoms Procedures, Travellers05/08/2020
Good day,

We are planning a round the world trip in an electric auto rickshaw and need to understand the procedure for temporary import into Vietnam. We will enter from Cambodia and exit into PDR Laos. We will be traveling around January 2021 and the vehicle will be registered in Singapore.

Please could you let me know who to contact and what will be needed?

Kind regards
9Medical Device labelling for importationCustoms Procedures14/07/2020
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would be grateful if you could clarify a question for me regarding importation of laboratory/medical devices into Vietnam in terms of labels.

In the past we have been able to fix Vietnamese specific labels in our local warehouse in Vietnam prior to placing on the market. However, it appears that this is no longer allowed and all products must be already labelled by the manufacturer in Germany (for our products) when they arrive in Vietnam.

Is this correct? or do we still have 30 days to put Vietnamese labels on the product at our holding warehouse before placing on the market?

I really appreciate you help in cleating this confusion for us

Kind regards
George Koumantakis
10Regarding VAT on ExportsTax issues15/06/2020
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a export- import company based out of India and we would like to set up our branch company in Vietnam to export local vietnamese products. I was given to understand that some of the products have VAT and if exported by manufacturer then it is not applicable however for a trading company, VAT is applicable which can be refunded after one year.
Sir, just want to confirm if it is true because then it would be difficult for us to sustain as our working capital will be blocked. In India traders can Export on a special tax of 0.1% provided goods are exported within 3 months of purchase.
Kindly clarify.
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