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# TitleCategoryAnswered Date
1Customs tarriff applicable to RussiaTax issues15/03/2018
Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Kristina and I am contacting you from Russia for the following reason to get some important information related to the Free Trade Agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and its Member States, of the one part, and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, of the other part, which took into force in 2016. Our company considers a possibility of exporting some agricultural products to your country. So, we tried to find the accurate information about the applicable customs tariff faced by the goods from Russia (or EAEU – if it does not matter taking to account the Agreement mentioned above), but we were not really succeed in it. We would appreciate it if you could tell us what customs tariff is applicable to the goods imported from Russia in the current conditions. Best regards, Kristina Manukyan
2Tax Reduction for C/O form DCustoms Procedures12/03/2018
Dear Sir/Madam We are shipping goods (furniture fixtures) to our customers in Vietnam. The custom in Singapore advise us that if we provide the ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA) Form D to our customers in Vietnam then they are eligible for tariff concessions. Could you please help us understand the following better so we can guide our customers to apply for the tariff? 1) If the consignee in Vietnam have received the cargo, can the consignee still submit the Form D for tariff concession within the 12 months period ? 2) What document is required for the importer to apply for tariff other than Form D? 3) Is there any other details that we should take note? Thanks very much for your guidance. Regards Christine
3PORK MEAT PREPARATIONSTax issues, Customs Statistics28/11/2016
Dear Sirs, we produce meat preparations. We produce frozen meat preparations, mainly from pork.
We would like to know if exists a statistics import code specific for meat preparartions or frozen meat preparations. We tenderize the meat, etc.
As well as if there any information about the Vietnam import volume, or any other information.
Thank you in advance

We attach some datasheets in order you can figure the type of meat preparation.

Thank you.

Miguel coll
4HEALTH CERTIFICATETax issues, Customs Procedures28/11/2016
Dear Sirs

We are exporters of fish meal, and the Ecuadorian authority, not consider on the Health certificate on the departure date same date as B/L.
Please confirm if this a problem for you to let the cargo in on your country.
Kindly explain us your reason this in order for us to ask Ecuadorian authority to re issue a Health certificate with same date as shown on B/L.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Best regards
guiselle jimenez
5Importing Tequila into VietnamTax issues, Customs Procedures18/11/2016
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am looking into being able to import Tequila from mexico into Vietnam - and would like to know if this is possible and if so, what costs and or paperwork must be completed. I would like to import a 20 ft container to be sold to Vietnamese businesses.

1.- How much would the taxes be? I undertand there will be a few applied to alcohol (as mentioned in some of your other answers)

2.- Do I need a vietnamese company to do this - or can I see directly to vietnamese businesses from my company in mexico?

3.- It is worth mentioning - all tequila from mexico comes with health and safety regulations and goverment seal of approval from the mexican goverment - certifying that this is tequila produced in mexico to mexican standards.

Thank you for your time and patience.


6IPhone duties (Taxes and tariff)Tax issues, Customs Procedures18/11/2016
I want to send IPhone to my friend. Please let me know if is allow to send it from the US, I also need to know the % duties. Value of IPhone is 850 USD.
Thank You.
7Custom Duty TaxTax issues17/11/2016
If I import UVB phototherapy device from Japan and China to Vietnam, what is % of import duty tax? From your website I can found the tax is 0. But I still want to double confirm with you again.

The UVB phototherapy device is used to treat skin disease.
8Cosmetics regulations and taxesTax issues, Customs Procedures, Others17/11/2016
Hello :

Please, We would like to know if there is a specific regulation for the cosmetics and the soaps HS Code 3401/3401.11 and how much is the import tax or the agreement ?

Thanks you
9Medical Device Permit for a CPAP Machine? (Webmaster)Tax issues17/11/2016
Good morning,

My husband and I will be visiting Vietnam for five days in January, 2017. My husband has to travel with a medical device called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for his sleep apnea. Do we have to get a permit to bring that medical device to Vietnam?

Thank you.

Marilyn L. Luque 

"Excuse the typos - Sent from my iPad"
10VIETNAM IMPORT STATISTICS FOR HS CODE 84828000Customs Statistics14/11/2016
Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

We are investigating the possibility to invest in Vietnam. Our company is manufacturing slewing Bearings under HS code 84828000 in Italy, US and China.

We would highly appreciate if you could give the latest import data to Vietnam in your hand regarding HS Code 84828000. If you could give us the data for;

1- In value for 2014,2015 and first 6 months 2016

2- In quantity for 2014,2015 and first 6 months 2016

3- Country of Origin

Many thanks for your precious support,

Best Regards,

Philippe Sieffert
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