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Highlights of bilateral merchandise trade between Vietnam and India in 2013 and updates for first 9 months of 2014

Vietnam Customs Statistics   11/11/2014 11:00 AM

In 2013, India was ranked at 16th place among 200 trading partners of Vietnam in the world and at 11th place in ASEAN.

According to the Vietnam Customs Statistics, the total merchandise trade value between Vietnam and India in 2013 reached USD 5.23 billion, rose strongly by 32.7% in comparison to 2012. In which, export value was USD 2.9 billion, went up extremely by 61.6% and import value was USD 2.35 billion, increased by 8.9%. Notably, after facing with big gap in merchandise trade with India for 2recent  years (accounted for 45% of Vietnam’s total export value to India), Vietnam has been in trade surplus for the first time in 2013. The surplus was recorded at USD 528 million.

Chart 1: Merchandise trade value between Vietnam and India in 9 months/2014, in comparison to the same period of previous year


Table1: Main indicators of India economy
Export: The main exported commodities from Vietnam to India in recent years included: telephone, mobile phone and parts thereof; machine, equipment, tools and instruments; computer, electrical products, components and parts thereof; rubber… Especially, total export value of telephone, mobile phones and parts thereof  from Vietnam to India in 2013 reached USD 926 million, accounted for 32% of Vietnam’s total exports.
Import: the main imported commodities that originated from India to Vietnam in recent years included: irons and steels (reached 547 thousand tons and valued USD  353 million); animal fodders and animal fodder materials (reached USD 338 million); corn (reached over 1 million tons and valued USD 304 million)…
In the first 9 months (Jan.-Sep.) of 2014, total merchandise trade value between Vietnam and India was USD 4.62 billion; rose by 8.2% in comparison to the same period of 2013, reported by Vietnam Customs Statistics. In which, exports was USD 1.76 billion, down by 3.5% and imports was USD 2.49 billion, down by 18.4%.

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