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General indicators
Keywords: Period: (MM-yyyy) ex.: 5-2013
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# TitleDescriptionPeriodValue
(bil. USD)
+/- previous period (%)Cumulative
(bil. USD)
+/- with the same period (%)
1ExportSecond half of February 2018 (Pre.)SH-FEB5.13-44.234.5125.8
2ImportSecond half of February 2018 (Pre.)SH-FEB6.40-17.434.0020.4
3Total EX. and IM.Second half of February 2018 (Pre.)SH-FEB11.53-32.068.5123.1
4Trade balanceSecond half of February 2018 (Pre.)SH-FEB-1.27-0.50-
5ExportFirst half of February 2018 (Pre.)FH-FEB9.20-16.229.3945.4
6ImportFirst half of February 2018 (Pre.)FH-FEB7.75-26.627.7329.4
7Total Ex. and Im.First half of February 2018 (Pre.)FH-FEB16.95-21.357.1237.2
8Trade balanceFirst half of February 2018 (Pre.)FH-FEB1.45-1.67-
9ExportJanuary 2018 (Pre.)01-201820.222.920.2241.0
10ImportJanuary 2018 (Pre.)01-201820.040.820.0451.9
11Total EX. and IM.January 2018 (Pre.)01-201840.261.840.2646.2
12Trade balanceJanuary 2018 (Pre.)01-20180.18-0.18-
13ExportDecember 2017 (Pre.)12-201719.65-1.7214.0121.2
14ImportDecember 2017 (Pre.)12-201719.892.5211.1020.8
15Total EX. and IM.December 2017 (Pre.)12-201739.540.4425.1021.0
16Trade balanceDecember 2017 (Pre.)12-2017-0.23-2.91-
17ExportSecond half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)SH-DEC10.115.7214.0121.2
18ImportSecond half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)SH-DEC9.90-1.5211.1020.8
19Total EX. and IM.Second half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)SH-DEC20.012.0425.1121.0
20Trade balanceSecond half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)SH-DEC-0.21-2.91-
21ExportFirst half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)FH-DEC9.56-9.6204.0021.5
22ImportFirst half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)FH-DEC10.053.6201.2821.3
23Total EX. and IM.First half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)FH-DEC19.61-3.3405.2821.4
24Trade balanceFirst half of DEC. 2017 (Pre.)FH-DEC-0.48-2.72-
25ExportNovember 2017 (Pre.)11-201719.99-1.5194.4721.5
26ImportNovember 2017 (Pre.)11-201719.397.1191.3021.2
27Total EX. and IM.November 2017 (Pre.)11-201739.382.6385.7721.4
28Trade balanceNovember 2017 (Pre.)11-20170.60-3.17-
29ExportSecond half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)SH-NOV10.5813.1194.4721.5
30ImportSecond half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)SH-NOV9.700.1191.3021.2
31Total EX. and IM.Second half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)SH-NOV20.286.5385.7721.4
32Trade balanceSecond half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)SH-NOV0.88-3.17-
33ExportFirst half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)FH-Nov.9.35-17.5183.8621.3
34ImportFirst half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)FH-Nov.9.69-1.9181.6221.4
35Total Ex. and Im.First half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)FH-Nov.19.04-10.2365.4821.4
36Trade balanceFirst half of Nov. 2017 (Pre.)FH-Nov.-0.35-2.24-
37ExportOctober, 2017 (Pre.)10-201720.294.9174.5521.3
38ImportOctober, 2017 (Pre.)10-201718.11-0.7171.9921.5
39Total EX. and IM.October, 2017 (Pre.)10-201738.402.2346.5421.5
40Trade balanceOctober, 2017 (Pre.)10-20172.18-2.56-
41ExportSecond half of October 2017 (Pre.)SH-OCT11.3226.5174.5521.3
42ImportSecond half of October 2017 (Pre.)SH-OCT9.8819.8171.9921.6
43Total EX. and IM.Second half of October 2017 (Pre.)SH-OCT21.2023.3346.542.6
44Trade balanceSecond half of October 2017 (Pre.)SH-OCT1.45-2.56-
45ExportFirst half of October 2017 (Pre.)FH-OCT8.95-11.6163.2520.2
46ImportFirst half of October 2017 (Pre.)FH-OCT8.24-9.9162.1621.7
47Total Ex. and Im.First half of October 2017 (Pre.)FH-OCT17.19-10.8325.4120.9
48Trade balanceFirst half of October 2017 (Pre.)FH-OCT0.71-1.08-
49ExportQuarter IIIQIII56.786.6154.3220.0
50ImportQuarter IIIQIII53.83-0.1153.9922.7
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