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Ready for welcoming international delegations to the 13th ASEM

Quang Hung/ Huyen Trang - Vietnam Customs News  3/10/2019 12:00 AM

On the afternoon of October 1st, Deputy Director General Mai Xuan Thanh worked with units to confirm the task of welcoming and seeing off international delegations attending the 13th ASEM Customs Directors- General and Commissioners Meeting (referred as 13thASEM) in Quang Ninh (from October 9th to October 10th, 2019)

                           Website for registration for the delegations

Specifically, at Noi Bai international airport, customs officials of the International Cooperation Department and Customs officials of Noi Bai international airport Customs Branch in coordination to identify exit gates of flights to welcome delegations and guide them through immigration procedures. At the working session, Mai Xuan Thanh requested representatives of the International Cooperation Department, Hanoi Customs Department and Quang Ninh Customs Department to practice situations arising during the welcoming and seeing off for international delegations.

Customs officials in charge shall handle situations arising during the route from Noi Bai International Airport to Quang Ninh.

The Deputy Director General said that Vietnam has been completing preparations for the ASEM meeting to take place successfully and safely, contributing to introducing a beautiful country and friendly people to international partners.

The hosting of the 13th ASEM Meeting of Vietnam Customs is an activity specifying external policies of the Party and the State, contributing to improving the position and role of Vietnam Customs on the ASEM cooperation forum.

Vietnam Customs actively participates in addressing common concerns, as well as proposing orientations for ASEM customs cooperation, taking advantage of the support and cooperation from the customs authorities of ASEM countries, especially European partners with the advantages of technology, management experience, promoting deep and practical cooperation relations with important European partners.Especially, the hosting of the 13th ASEM is of great significance for Vietnam as well as Vietnam's Customs in order to affirm cooperation and compliance with international commitments in the field of customs, to strengthen trust of customs partners as well as trading partners, improving the trademark and prestige of Vietnamese goods.

Source - Quang Hung/ Huyen Trang - Vietnam Customs News

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