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Implementation of Circular no.95/2018/TT-BTC

M.A  14/12/2018 12:00 AM

​On 20 November 2018, the General Department of Customs sent the official letter no. 6788/TCHQ-TXNK to the local Customs Departments on the implementation of the Circular no.95/2018/TT-BTC. 

The Circular 95/2018/TT-BTC is promulgated on 17 Oct 2018 and takes effect on 01st Dec 2018, abolishing some circulars relating to import and export tax, including:

- Circular no. 35/2010 /TT-BTC dated 12 March 2010 by the Minister of Finance, guiding the export tax on wood and coke produced from all imported raw materials;

- Circular no.118/2011/TTT-BTC dated 16 August 2011 by the Minister of Finance, guiding the import tax and value added tax on imported goods of projects on electricity;

- Circular No. 10/2015/TT-BTC dated 29 Jan 2015 by the Minister of Finance detailing the implementation of Decision no.54/2014/QD-TTg dated 19 Sep 2014 by the Prime Minister on the import tax exemption for components imported for production and assembly of medical equipment being prioritized for research and manufacture.

By the Letter no.6788/TCHQ-TXNK, the General Department of Customs requests the local Customs Departments to strongly implement the mentioned Circular no.95

CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD15/07/201923,140.00 đ
EUR15/07/201925,995.22 đ
JPY15/07/2019209.75 đ
GBP15/07/201928,929.29 đ
CHF15/07/201923,318.42 đ
AUD15/07/201916,029.52 đ
CAD15/07/201917,620.98 đ
SEK15/07/20192,436.42 đ
NOK15/07/20192,668.98 đ
DKK15/07/20193,449.38 đ
RUB15/07/2019366.93 đ
NZD11/07/201915,204.45 đ
HKD15/07/20192,946.10 đ
SGD15/07/201917,024.22 đ
MYR15/07/20195,592.36 đ
THB15/07/2019743.47 đ
IDR11/07/20191.63 đ
KRW15/07/201919.01 đ
INR15/07/2019338.59 đ
TWD11/07/2019740.83 đ
CNY15/07/20193,344.56 đ
KHR11/07/20195.68 đ
LAK11/07/20192.65 đ
MOP11/07/20192,872.67 đ
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