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Financial ICT Index: the Customs sector ranks first in IT application

M.A  26/11/2018 12:00 AM

​​The Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics (Ministry of Finance) has recently released the Financial Information Technology Readiness Report 2018 (ICT Index of Financial Sector 2018). The General Department of Taxation leads the overall ranking, while the General Department of Customs leads the ranking of IT applications.

The ICT Index of the financial sector is implemented by the Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics (Ministry of Finance) on the basis of data collection, analysis, evaluation and submission of reports on evaluation results, readiness for IT application in Finance sector. The financial ICT index helps the units belonging to finance sector to understand their current status of IT application so they will apply appropriate measures and policies to improve the effectiveness of ICT application for the socio-economic and political objectives of the sectors, localities and enterprises.

This is the 10th consecutive year that the Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics (Ministry of Finance) has been implementing the ICT Index of Finance. According to the Department of  Financial Informatics and Statistics, the indicators have been developed more completely on the basis of groups divided in accordance with the organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance, including the group of provincial and municipal units in the vertical system and groups of Finance Departments separated in order to be suitable for evaluation and ranking. Several inappropriate indicators in the survey in 2018 have been removed to simplify the data collection, the index is adjusted to understand more easily, overcome the incorrect data provided by misunderstanding.

ICT Index of Financial Sector 2018 was surveyed on 2 blocks with 252 objects including: Central units with 6 objects; provincial and municipal agencies (Department of Finance, Taxation Department, State Treasury Department, Customs Departments, regional State Reserve Departments) with 246 objects.

With 27 groups of indicators, ICT Index of Finance sector 2018 focuses on the areas: IT infrastructure (6 indicators); IT application (9 indicators); IT manpower (8 indicators); Investment in IT (4 indicators).

2018 is the first year the ICT Index of Finance applies the methodology of the United Nations E-Government Report instead of the Primary Component Analysis method that has been used for the past nine years.

ICT Index of Financial Sector 2018 consists of 3 main components: technical infrastructure; man power and IT applications (internal application and online public services). Investment indicators are not included in the rating.

According to the general ranking in 2018, the General Department of Taxation leads the central block, the second place belongs to the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs ranks third.

The General Department of Customs, with many IT applications deployed in the last year, continues to be the leading unit in terms of information technology application, this is the second year the General Department of Customs leads the index. Previously, in 2016 this unit ranked second, after the State Treasury.

The two indicators of technical infrastructure and man power were led by the General Department of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance.

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