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Highlight on documents posted on e-customs Portal in 1st week of Oct, 2018

M.A  23/10/2018 12:00 AM

​From 01 to 05 Oct, 2018, the e-Customs Portal has been updated with some documents on policy for goods purchased from inland areas into the specific customs area, rules of origin in the ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Area Agreement; e-transactions on digital signatures and digital signature authentic services.

The policy for goods purchased from inland areas into the customs area:

Facing the difficulties related to policies for goods as publications purchased from inland areas into the customs areas in the form of export and import, the Publication, Print and Release Department (the Ministry of Information and Communications ) issued the official letter 801/CXBIPH-QLPH, guiding:

Goods with HS code 49119990 under the specialized management of the Ministry of  Information and Communications (List and procedures for imports in the field of distribution of publications in the Appendix II issued together with Circular no. 41/2016 /TT-BTTTT 26/12/2016). For this kind of item, enterprises must carry out import procedures for non-commercial purpose according to the provisions of Article 41 of the Law on Publication.

Implementation of Rules of origin in the ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Area Agreement:

In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular no. 26/2018 / TT-BCT amending and supplementing Annex IV enclosed with Circular no. 20/2014 / TT-BCT dated June 25th, 2014.

Accordingly, Circular 26 abolishes Annex IV - guiding the implementation of Article 6 of Annex I enclosed with Circular 20/2014 / TT-BCT and replaced with the Appendix enclosed with the Circular 26.

The new Annex which is listed with 100 special commodities under the AKFTA tariff preferences between ASEAN and the Republic of Korea mentions the additional information: rules of origin for goods subject to Article 6 of Annex I enclosed with Circular 20/2014 /TT-BCT; procedures for issuance of C/O for goods subject to Article 6 of Annex I enclosed with Circular 20/2014 /TT-BCT; special safeguard policy, annual review; the ability to cancel a commitment.

Electronic transactions on digital signatures and digital signature authentic services:

On September 27th 2018, the Government promulgated  Decree no.130/2018/ND-CP detailing the implementation of electronic transaction law on digital signature and digital signature authentic services.

According to this Decree, the time for verifying the dossier and granting digital signature certification shall be shortened to 50 days from the date of receiving the valid dossier instead of 60 days as before.

Accordingly, the organizations are allowed to provide public digital signature authentic services if meeting the conditions: they have certificate of providing public digital authentic certification issued by Ministry of Information and Communications and digital certificate issued by the National Certification Authority.

In addition, during the week, the e-Customs Portal has also been updated with some other documents such as the official Letter no. 5734/TCHQ-TXNK "on determination of HS codes according to the Import-Export Tariffs", Decision no. 401/QD-UBQGCPDT "approving the Action Plan of the National Committee for E-Government in the last 4 months of 2018", Circular no.42/2018/TT-BGTVT "amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Circular on vehicle registration", ... 

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