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Highlight on documents posted on e-customs Portal in the 1st week Jan. 2017

M.A  15/01/2018 12:00 AM

Commodity classification, tax policy... are the main issues of documents published on the e-Customs Portal from 01 to 06 Jan. 2018.

On classification of goods

On 02 Jan 2018, the General Department of Customs issued the official letter no. 25/TCHQ-TXNK on classification of projectors. Accordingly, the projectors (except those used only or mainly for data processing systems coded in the heading 84.71) are classified with HS code 8528.69.10 or 8528.69.90, upon the power to project onto the screen.

The General Department of Customs issued the official letter no.30/TCHQ-TXNK dated 03 January 2018 on classification of items similar to golf carts.. Before 01 Jan 2018, the classification of goods shall be based on the Nomenclature of imports and exports  enclosed with Circular no. 103/2015/TT-BTC dated 01  July 2015 by the Minister of Finance. From 01 Jan 2018, the classification of goods shall be made in accordance with the Vietnam’s Nomenclature of imports and exports enclosed with the Circular no.65/2017/TT-BTC dated 27 June 2017 by Ministry of Finance.

About tax policy

Regarding to the import of goods in the solar power industry, the General Department of Customs issued the official Letter no.03/TCHQ-TXNK dated 02 Jan 2018. Accordingly, to consider whether it is subject to the import tax exemption or not, the company should compare the goods intended to import with Annex III, IV List of construction materials, raw materials, spare parts enclosed with the Circular no.14/2015/TT-BKHDT dated 17 November 2015 by The Ministry of Planning and Investment to determine whether such goods can be produced domestically or not, to make import customs procedures as prescribed. 

On 03 Jan 2018, the General Department of Customs issued the official Letter no. 29/TCHQ-TXNK on the exemption of import duty to the Embassy of Pakistan which clearly states the cases subject to import tax exemption or not.

The General Department of Customs issued the official Letter 66/TCHQ-TXNK dated 05 January 2018 on tax policy for goods of export processing enterprises (EPEs). According to the regulations, if the EPEs meet the conditions of the non-tariff area as regulated, then they sell products to domestic enterprises, the EPEs and local enterprises shall make the customs procedures as for direct imports and exports, domestic enterprises must pay import tax on products purchased from the EPEs as regulated. In case the EPEs do not meet the conditions of the non-tariff area as regulated, importing raw materials for export production (declared as norm of goods processed for export) is exempted from import tax, meantime, the EPEs do not export their products but sell their products to domestic enterprises. Then, it is determined to change the purpose of the exemption and the EPEs must pay tax according to regulations.

During the week, the e-Customs Portal has also been updated some other documents such as: the Decision No.2722/QD-BTC on the pilot application of automatic cargo control system; the Circular no.41/2017/TT dated 19 Dec 2017 by the Ministry of Information and Communications; the official letter no.32/TCHQ-GSQL dated 03 Jan 2018 sent to the local customs Departments on problems related to C/P form D; Directive no.09/CT-HDDTVSATTP dated 25 Dec 2017 on enhancing measures to ensure food safety, prevention of food poisoning and food-borne diseases during the Lunar New Year and Spring Festivals 2018; the official letter no 14/TCHQ-IT dated 02 January 2018 on the implementation of the National single window in aviation; the official letter no.62/TCHQ-TXNK dated 04 Jan 2018 on goods temporarily imported for re-export; the official letter no.79/BTC-CST dated 04 Jan 2018 on environmental protection tax for plastic bags.

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