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Procedures of entry, exit and transit aircraft through the national single window

M.A  5/10/2017 12:00 AM

On 26 Sep 2017, the Prime Minister issued Decision no.43/2017/QD-TTg on the procedures for entry, exit and transit aircraft through the National Single Window (NSW).

The Decision is applied to state management agencies at airports and agencies, organizations and individuals involved in entry, exit and transit procedures at international airports through NSW

Regarding to the exit aircraft procedure, the declarants must input the following information or documents through the NSW Portal: 

- Commodities Declaration and Master Airway Bill for aircraft carrying exported goods; List of passengers for aircraft with passengers; 

- List of flight crew; 

- Briefcases of passengers’ luggage for aircraft with checked baggage (this information is disclosed independently or in the passenger list, crew list and booking reference number - PNR); 

- Flight information and booking reference number - PNR

The declarants must submit the following documents in original to the state management agencies at the airports: 

- General declaration (including medical declaration) submitted to the border medical quarantine organization; 

- Medical report of the corpse, human remains, ashes (if any) submitted to border medical quarantine organizations; 

- Medical records of medical microbiological sample, biological products, tissues and organs of human body (if any) submitted to border medical quarantine organizations.

Documents must be presented (in original) to state management agencies at airports, including:

- Passports or papers for international travel and passengers' visas; the crew’s passports or papers for international travel and visas presented to the police at the border gate; 

- The international vaccination slip of the flight crew, passengers (in case of departure or passing through epidemic or suspected disease or infectious agent) to the border medical quarantine organization.

State management agencies, upon their functions and tasks, according to provisions of the law: receive and have feedback on receiving information/documents provided electronically; receive the documents in paper; check documents and certify the completion of procedures for exit aircraft. The mentioned receipts and responses are automatically processed through the NSW Portal to the applicants and related parties.

The Decision takes effect from 15 Nov 2017.

CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD16/07/201823,005.00 đ
EUR16/07/201826,783.49 đ
JPY16/07/2018203.94 đ
GBP16/07/201830,282.28 đ
CHF16/07/201822,994.19 đ
AUD16/07/201816,880.45 đ
CAD16/07/201817,352.11 đ
SEK16/07/20182,581.97 đ
NOK16/07/20182,799.52 đ
DKK16/07/20183,554.92 đ
RUB16/07/2018368.48 đ
NZD12/07/201815,420.34 đ
HKD16/07/20182,914.70 đ
SGD16/07/201816,797.65 đ
MYR16/07/20185,660.72 đ
THB16/07/2018677.77 đ
IDR12/07/20181.57 đ
KRW16/07/201819.81 đ
INR16/07/2018334.51 đ
TWD12/07/2018742.96 đ
CNY25/06/20183,484.41 đ
KHR12/07/20185.59 đ
LAK12/07/20182.70 đ
MOP12/07/20182,811.55 đ
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