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The cooperation Agreement between Vietnam Customs and Logistics Association.

M.A  28/09/2017 12:00 AM
​​On 26 Sep 2017, the signing Ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Customs Control and Supervision Department-the General Department of Customs and Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA) was held at the headquarter of General Department of Customs.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Deputy Director General Vu Ngoc Anh highly appreciated the active cooperation of business associations, including the VLA in consultation and building laws related to import and export, reform and modernization of customs.
anh 1- ht hq va logistics.jpg 

Deputy Director General Vu Ngoc Anh spoke at the signing ceremony.

The signing of cooperation means long-term orientation between the customs and VLA, helping each other, to develop logistics operations in Vietnam become a reliable and competitive logistics center (logistics supply chain), meeting the targets set out in Decision 200/QĐ-TTg dated 14 Feb 2017 on Action Plan for enhancing competitiveness and development of logistics services in Vietnam. At the same time, the growth of logistics also contributes to help state agencies, including the customs administration better manage import and export activities, facilitating trade for businesses.

In response to the goodwill of the customs authorities, Mr Le Duy Hiep, the President of the VLA, thanked the customs authorities for their cooperation in promoting the competitiveness of the economy.

He expects the customs authorities to continue to support the development of the operation of the customs brokers so that they can participate in all stages of import-export services for more professionalism, meeting the import and export requirements of enterprises in the logistics supply chain.

anh 2 - hthq va logistics.jpg 

Mr. Au Anh Tuan, Acting Director of Customs Control and Supervision Department and Mr. Le Duy Hiep, Chairman of VLA signed the cooperation agreement between two parties under the witness of Deputy General Director Vu Ngoc Anh and members of VLA. 

According to the cooperation Agreement, the Customs Control and Supervision Department and the VLA consistently focus on the objectives: to guide and support the logistics companies to strictly comply with the provisions of the customs legislation; to develop logistics services in the whole country to meet the requirements of development, management, business and international integration according to general guidelines and orientations; to improve the performance of customs brokers and quality of logistics service providers; to create a mutually benefits that fosters the common benefits of the customs and VLA, thereby enhancing cohesion between logistics enterprises throughout the country and the customs. 

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USD16/07/201823,005.00 đ
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INR16/07/2018334.51 đ
TWD12/07/2018742.96 đ
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