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New regulations on customs declaration for passengers

M.A  14/06/2017 12:00 AM

​The Ministry of Finance has issued Circular No.52/2017/TT-BTC amending Circular 120/2015/TT-BTC on customs declaration for passengers.
Specifically, according to the new regulations, passengers are requested to declare in the following cases:
- Having unaccompanied baggage;
- Having goods temporarily admitted or dispatched;
- Having dutiable goods: carrying over 1.5 liters of liquor with concentration of alcohol at above 20 degrees or over 2 liters of liquor with concentration of alcohol at below 20 degrees or over 3 liters of alcoholic drinks, beer; over 200 cigarettes; over 20 cigars; over 250 grams of raw tobacco; and other items with value of over VND 10,000,000;
- Carrying cash in foreign currencies, cash in Vietnamese currency, precious metal, gemstones, negotiable instruments, gold subject to customs declaration in accordance with Circular No. 35/2013/TT-NHNN dated December 31, 2013 and Circular No. 11/2014/TT-NHNN dated March 28, 2014 of the State bank of Vietnam, in particular:
+ Carrying over USD 5,000 or foreign equivalents or over VND 15,000,000;
+ Carrying drafts, cheques or precious metals (silver, platinum and alloy with silver or platinum), gemstones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald) with value of VND 300,000,000 or more;
+ Carrying gold in following specific cases:
++ Passengers with border laissez-passer, border identity cards wear gold jewelry or art gold such as rings, necklaces , rings, earrings, needles and other jewelry with total weight of 300 grams or more;
++ Foreigners who are allowed to settle in Vietnam bring raw material gold, gold bars, jewelry gold and art gold items with a total weight of  300 grams or more.
++ Vietnamese who are allowed to settle abroad carry raw material gold, gold bars, gold jewelry and art gold items with a total weight of 300 grams or more.
- Incoming passengers require customs authentication when bringing foreign currency with value of USD 5,000 or less (or other foreign currencies of equivalent value).
Circular 52/2017/TT-BTC takes effect from July 7, 2017, to annul the Finance Minister's Decision No. 2181/QD-BTC of October 20, 2015 on correction of Circular No. 120/2015/TT-BTC.

CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD01/06/202023,210.00 đ
EUR01/06/202025,271.42 đ
JPY01/06/2020210.91 đ
GBP01/06/202028,139.00 đ
CHF01/06/202023,697.01 đ
AUD01/06/202015,186.71 đ
CAD01/06/202016,687.86 đ
SEK01/06/20202,382.32 đ
NOK01/06/20202,318.67 đ
DKK01/06/20203,380.95 đ
RUB01/06/2020328.14 đ
NZD28/05/202014,472.37 đ
HKD01/06/20202,959.68 đ
SGD01/06/202016,176.11 đ
MYR01/06/20205,299.79 đ
THB01/06/2020717.86 đ
IDR28/05/20201.59 đ
KRW01/06/202018.10 đ
INR01/06/2020306.68 đ
TWD28/05/2020775.59 đ
CNY01/06/20203,217.53 đ
KHR28/05/20205.73 đ
LAK28/05/20202.59 đ
MOP28/05/20202,912.96 đ
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