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Officially running online public service system

13/04/2017 12:00 AM

​In implementation of Government’s Decree 36a/NQ-CP dated Oct.14th.2015 on e-government, General Department of Vietnam Customs expand providing online public service system for administrative procedures on customs at  http://pus.customs.gov.vn

Enterprises, organizations and individuals  can submit electronic files and receive processing results from all local customs units at nationwide. Customs agencies use electronic documents in administrative documentation and information on the information system to inspect and handle in accordance with regulations. In the case where the administrative procedure dossier has documents (documents must be presented to the Customs authorities as prescribed; the documents must be certified by the Customs authorities to return to the person who implemented the administrative procedures), Customs agencies have to inform on the information systems so that applicants could lodge additional paper documents before returning results.
If the dossier has documents that cannot be converted into electronic format, enterprises are allowed to send paper documents to Customs, other documents will be implemented in electronic form. After receiving full required documents, Customs agency will inspect and handle as prescribed by law.
Online administrative procedures help reducing paper documents, shortening processing time, saving costs for business community. At the same time, improving and enhancing effectiveness of customs’ performance, granting better service for citizens and business community.
Plan and route for implementation:
Phase 1: Performing online administrative procedures at minimum level 3 for 46 procedures with specific roadmap:
- From Jan.01st.2017 to Feb.28th.2017: Running in pilot online public service system.
- From Mar.01st.2017: Officially running the system.
You should click here for list of administrative procedures at phase 1
Phase 2: Continuing upgrading IT system to ensure that by end of 2017, all administrative procedures on customs are provided at minimum level 3
Guidelines for using the system
- Using accounts: Individuals or organizations can use VNACCS/VCIS accounts to login in the online public service system or register for new accounts on in the online public service system.
- Manuals: Individuals or organizations should click at the link download manuals for using the online public service system


CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD29/11/202122,575.00 đ
EUR29/11/202125,019.66 đ
JPY29/11/2021192.59 đ
GBP29/11/202129,781.58 đ
CHF29/11/202123,913.10 đ
AUD29/11/202116,080.72 đ
CAD29/11/202117,648.03 đ
SEK29/11/20212,437.80 đ
NOK29/11/20212,482.55 đ
DKK29/11/20213,356.18 đ
RUB29/11/2021302.23 đ
NZD02/12/202115,866.84 đ
HKD29/11/20212,864.00 đ
SGD29/11/202116,314.79 đ
MYR29/11/20215,318.94 đ
THB29/11/2021668.60 đ
IDR02/12/20211.61 đ
KRW29/11/202118.31 đ
INR29/11/2021303.37 đ
TWD02/12/2021835.55 đ
CNY29/11/20213,512.71 đ
KHR02/12/20215.70 đ
LAK02/12/20212.14 đ
MOP02/12/20212,881.71 đ
Hotline 19009299 for Vietnam Customs.
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