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Action plan for implementation of commitments under the WTO trade facilitation Agreement

M.A  12/12/2016 12:00 AM
On Dec.29th 2016, the workshop “Developing an action plan for implementation of category B and C commitments under the WTO trade facilitation Agreement”  was held in Hanoi, by General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) in cooperation with US Agency of International Development (USAID) and World Bank.

Building the plan for implementation of commitments under TFA
The workshop is an action under Program of technical support on customs between GDVC and Project for state management for comprehensive development of USAID.

The workshop is opened by Mr. Vu Ngoc Anh - Deputy General Director of GDVC in participation of Mr. Nguyen Toan - Director of International Cooperation Dept.; Mr. Craig Hart - Deputy Director of USAID in Vietnam; Mr. David Anderson - Director of USAID GIG Project; experts of World Bank on trade facilitation, and representatives of concerning Ministries and sectors, units of General Department of Vietnam Customs and other local customs Departments.

The workshop focused on some issues such as Vietnam’s preparations for implementing TFA, analyzing technical conditions, relationship with other international measures and emphasizing functions of concerning Ministries and sectors. Working groups also discuss to set up plan for implementing category B and C commitments, to evaluate or re-classify measure/commitments of B and C Category in TF Agreement, to update legal changes for commitments of category A for Vietnam and describe influences which may occur when implementing measures in Vietnam.

The workshop was held to  prepare reports on the results of expected roadmap for implementing  category  B and C commitments to submit to the National Steering Committee of the National Single Window, National single Asean Window and trade facilitation.

Delivering speech at the workshop, Deputy General Director of the General Department of  Vietnam Customs, Mr.Vu Ngoc Anh said that TFA had been approved by WTO member countries in 9th Ministerial Conference in Bali - Indonesia in Dec.2014. To Oct.2016, 96  members ratified TFA. In case more ten countries ratify  (reaching to 2/3 total members), the Agreement shall officially come into effect. As expected, the Agreement will be effective at beginning year 2017.
Coming into effect, the Agreement will enhance national competitiveness as well as  competitiveness of the business community, while promoting trade and investment in Vietnam.

This is a vital Agreement in promoting international trade, reducing the time and cost of trade transactions across borders. According to a World Bank’s research, implementation of 20% TFA will help reducing transaction costs for businesses in Vietnam, to boost investment and create jobs for Vietnam.

With these benefits and remarkable effects of TFA, the  Vietnam Government has expressed determination through ratification of the Protocol; issuing plan to prepare and implement the Agreement as well as the establishment of  National Steering Committee for ASEAN Single Window, National single window and trade facilitation.

Vietnam proved to be not only initiative nation and cooperate actively in international integration but also expressed a desire to further facilitate trade and investment for the enterprise in accordance with the Government's objectives in Resolution 19-2016/ NQ-CP on the tasks and key measures to improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness 2016-2017 period and orientations to 2020. The General Department of Customs, with role as a permanent body, would continue to participate in the implementation of the Agreement in practical  and effective way.

After 3 days of the workshop, Vietnam built a roadmap for the implementation of category B and C commitments to submit to the National Commission on trade facilitation for approval and inform to the WTO.

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