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The system VNACCS/VCIS satisfy 94.75% of businesses

M.A  19/11/2015 12:00 AM
It was data from a small survey conducted with more than 300 businesses by the General Department of Customs in all over country.
Providing the positive survey data in the preliminary Conference for evaluation of one year operating VNACCS/VCIS, Mr. Au Anh Tuan - Deputy Director of Customs Control and Supervision Department said that effectiveness given to sixty-six thousand companies by the system is huge. 
It’s a typical example of Vietnam Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd. According to the company’s evaluation, after 5 months operating  VNACCS, time for declaring and receiving result of each declaration of the company takes only about 15 seconds, instead of about 2 minutes as before. With the huge number of monthly declaration, the company reduces 6,213 minutes / month, equivalent to more than 100 hours/month.
Not only receiving quick result of  classifying channels, number of  declarations, the change of the General Department of Customs in printing process, presenting the declarations to the customs office was also much simplified, helping businesses to reduce time for customs procedures, less averaging around 3 hours/shipments than before.
With the above calculation, VNACCS/VCIS help Vietnam Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd to save USD 12,660/month.
At the conference, Customs Control and Supervision Department evaluated that VNACCS has brought tremendous benefits to businesses. 
The accuracy for declaring is also increased. Specifically, the system automatically  adding tax rate, exchange rate for calculating tax, calculating taxable value, tax payable amount, alerting incorrect declared criteria ... , helping the declarants to  declare more accurately, avoiding errors when officially declaring.
The system also helps to increase the autonomy and reduce clearance time. Because VNACCS automatically checks, issues numbers and classifies channels with time 24/7, the declarants can declare any where, any time and receive immediate response. Owing that, businesses proactively build import-export plan, reducing labor costs and waiting time for processing and feedback ... thereby reducing the clearance time.
Recently, according to almost of businesses, for green channel declarations without payable tax, clearance time takes only 1-3 seconds.
With the initiativeness in implementing customs procedures, businesses can reduce manpower, costs, time for going to customs offices to submit documents ... thus,  increasing competitiveness.
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