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Complete and enhance efficiency of VNACCS/VCIS

T.N  16/11/2015 12:00 AM
On Nov. 3rd, 2015, in Hanoi, General Department of Customs in cooperation with Governance for Inclusive Growth Program (GIG) of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Vietnam has hold a dialogue conference with enterprises to evaluate the implementation of Vietnam Automated Customs Clearance System (VNACCS/VCIS).

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Enterprises evaluates the VNACCS/VCIS
Representatives of General Department of Customs, GIG Project, JICA, suppliers of E-Customs software for declaration, and businesses and associations specializing in the export and import field have attended the conference.
System VNACCS/ VCIS officially operated on April 1st, 2014 until now it has implemented in all customs departments nationwide. The system is established to support enterprises best in customs declaration such as automatically apply tax rate, exchange rate for calculating tax, automatically calculate taxable amount, payable tax, automatically alerts incorrect declared items ... The system also automatically checks, numbers and allocates red, green or yellow channels for customs declaration 24/7.
Recently, General Department of Customshas conducted consultation of import-export businesses in many areas such as processing, manufacturing, logistics to recognize difficulties and problems in implementing VNACCS/VCIS to complete and add other functions for the system.
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Mr. Au Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of Customs Control and Supervision Department said that “Customs expects to receive comments of all enterprises to improve the system.”
Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony, Mr Au Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of Customs Control and Supervision Department reported that through feedbacks of business community and local customs departments, the system is appreciated in some aspects such as time taken for customs clearance, response speed and the stability of the system.
Besides, there are some feedbacks on problems and shortcomings of the customs clearance procedure. However, the system is sponsored by Japan, all interventions and adjustments need to be coordinated with the Japanese side.
Therefore, at this conference, General Department of Customs was looking forward to receiving comments about the shortcomings of the system from businesses who have directly used it. So that, General Department of Customs in coordination with related parties offers solutions for these problems.

According Mr. Makoto Kato, Project Chief Advisor, the completion and enhancement VNACCS / VCISmust be done to solve issues in implementing the system of Vietnamese Government, Customs and business community. The recommendations and proposals of businesses is essential to complete the system.

At the conference, representatives have reported and given their evaluation of the implementation the system, some issues related to tax payment procedures through the system, information technology, E-Customs software deployment, results of business survey about the implementation of customs procedures through the system VNACCS / VCIS. Especially, General Department of Customs placed an importance on receiving opinions from business community who directly use the system. Initially, General Department of Customs intends to amend or add some points related to the function of Customs authorities and businesses. Specifically, customs authorities will focus on completion and enhancement the structure that used to connect VNACCS/VCIS with national single-window mechanism; the components of the cargo manifest software (e-Manifest); The constituents of port cargo management software. Besides that, declaration functionsneed to be corrected to fit reality and increase the utility. Some functions not available on VNACCS / VCIS at the present must be added to replace the use of outside IT satellites.


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