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Production, exportation, importation of chemicals upon permits granted

P.Lien  23/01/2015 12:00 AM
Production, exportation and importation of chemicals are only performed after the permits have been granted. This is one of regulations of the Circular No. 55/2014/TT-BCT detailing and guiding the implementation of certain articles of the Decree No.38/2014/NĐ-CP dated May  06, 2014 by the Government on management of chemicals to be controlled by the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction (CWC)

In conformity with the Circular, organizations, individuals are responsible for complying and meeting the conditions of production, exportation and importation of chemicals as regulated in Decree No. 38/ 2014/ND-CP and only conduct production, exportation and importation of chemicals after the permits have been granted by the competent agencies.  
Organizations and individuals are only permitted to export or import chemicals of the Tables Nos. 1and 2 to or into the above mentioned Convention ‘s contracting parties.     
The list of contracting parties to the Convention is updated on the electronic information portal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.  
Organizations and individuals are also responsible for accuracy of  importation and exportation data; management and usage of imported chemicals in accordance with objectives and regulations of the related legislation.
Activities such as transit, bordergate transhipment, temporary admission of the chemicals under the Table of implementation of the Law on Commerce, Decree No. 187/2013/ND-CP dated November 20, 2013 by the Government  detailing and implementing the Law on Commerce and other sub-law documents.   

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the agency to propose the Prime Minister to permit exportation and importation of chemicals of the Table No. 1 as regulated in the item 4a of the Article 19 of the Decree No. 38/2014/ND-CP meanwhile the Department of Chemicals is the agency to grant permits of exportation and importation of the Tables Nos. 2 and 3.   

The Circular also regulates the exportation and importation related forms, including application forms; permit forms; certificate forms for the last users; and notification forms for chemicals under the Table No. 1.
The Circular came into effect from February 15, 2015.
CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD06/12/202122,630.00 đ
EUR06/12/202125,315.35 đ
JPY06/12/2021196.77 đ
GBP06/12/202129,724.05 đ
CHF06/12/202124,293.72 đ
AUD06/12/202115,884.76 đ
CAD06/12/202117,489.05 đ
SEK06/12/20212,450.87 đ
NOK06/12/20212,449.07 đ
DKK06/12/20213,395.76 đ
RUB06/12/2021305.76 đ
NZD02/12/202115,866.84 đ
HKD06/12/20212,873.75 đ
SGD06/12/202116,379.51 đ
MYR06/12/20215,317.98 đ
THB06/12/2021659.72 đ
IDR02/12/20211.61 đ
KRW06/12/202118.59 đ
INR06/12/2021302.60 đ
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