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Financial ICT Index: the Customs sector ranks first in IT application

The Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics (Ministry of Finance) has recently released the Financial Information Technology Readiness Report 2018 (ICT Index of Financial Sector 2018). The General Department of Taxation leads the overall ranking, while the General Department of Customs leads the ranking of IT applications.more

Preliminary assessment of Vietnam international merchandise trade performance in the first 10 months of 2018

1.  According to trade statistics of Vietnam Customs, in October 2018, a 9% upward in total external merchandise turnover of Vietnam was recorded on a month-on-month basis. Exports went up 6.7%, to USD 22.53 billion and imports increased 11.5%, to USD 21.76 billion as compared to the result of September 2018. As a result, there was a USD 770 million surplus in Vietnam’s trade balance in this month.more
Nguyên tệNgày hiệu lựcTỷ giá
USD10/12/201823.280,00 đ
EUR10/12/201826.320,52 đ
JPY10/12/2018202,63 đ
GBP10/12/201829.504,90 đ
CHF10/12/201823.248,33 đ
AUD10/12/201816.757,50 đ
CAD10/12/201817.312,53 đ
SEK10/12/20182.561,01 đ
NOK10/12/20182.690,07 đ
DKK10/12/20183.489,26 đ
RUB10/12/2018349,11 đ
NZD06/12/201815.759,22 đ
HKD10/12/20182.964,55 đ
SGD10/12/201816.919,92 đ
MYR10/12/20185.564,31 đ
THB10/12/2018696,40 đ
IDR06/12/20181,58 đ
KRW10/12/201820,21 đ
INR10/12/2018327,43 đ
TWD29/11/2018737,01 đ
CNY03/12/20183.323,38 đ
KHR06/12/20185,65 đ
LAK06/12/20182,66 đ
MOP06/12/20182.833,64 đ
Hotline 19009299 for Vietnam Customs.
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