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New regulations on temporarily imported automobiles free of duty by entities eligible for privileges and immunities but transfer procedures have not yet been done

On March 26th, 2021, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 14/2021/QD-TTg amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decision No. 53/2013/QD-TTg dated September 13th, 2013 of Prime Minister on the temporary import for re-export, destruction, and transfer of vehicles of the entities enjoying diplomatic immunity and privileges in Vietnam  (Decision No. 53/2013/QD-TTg). There is the new Article 9a - provisions on the management of automobiles temporarily imported free of duty by entities eligible for privileges and immunities in Vietnam which have been sold, given or donated to other organizations or individuals in Vietnam but have not yet been carried out procedures for transfer as prescribed by law and belong to the List of vehicles notified by the Ministry of Finance as follows:more

Preliminary assessment of Vietnam international merchandise trade performance in the first half of March, 2021

The Vietnam Customs Statistics announced that in the first half (01-15/3/2021) of  March-2021, Vietnam’s total exports of  US dollars 13.3 billion and imports  of  US dollars 13.06 billion resulted in a trade surplus of nearly US dollars 239 million. Accordingly, the total value of export and import turnover of Vietnam in the first half of March was US dollars 26.36 billion, went up by 22% as compared to the second half of February-2021.more
Nguyên tệNgày hiệu lựcTỷ giá
USD19/04/202122.980,00 đ
EUR19/04/202127.089,18 đ
JPY19/04/2021207,66 đ
GBP19/04/202131.322,74 đ
CHF19/04/202124.635,88 đ
AUD19/04/202117.578,44 đ
CAD19/04/202118.166,65 đ
SEK19/04/20212.672,01 đ
NOK19/04/20212.695,90 đ
DKK19/04/20213.651,41 đ
RUB19/04/2021303,22 đ
NZD22/04/202116.742,04 đ
HKD19/04/20212.925,43 đ
SGD19/04/202117.018,14 đ
MYR19/04/20215.538,98 đ
THB19/04/2021723,48 đ
IDR22/04/20211,60 đ
KRW19/04/202119,87 đ
INR19/04/2021306,76 đ
TWD22/04/2021825,10 đ
CNY19/04/20213.496,86 đ
KHR22/04/20215,74 đ
LAK22/04/20212,46 đ
MOP22/04/20212.898,11 đ
Hotline 19009299 for Vietnam Customs.
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