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Export and preferential import tariff rates to apply from 10, July 2020

The Government has issued Decree No. 57/2020/ND-CP amending Decree No. 122/2016/ND-CP and Decree No. 125/2017/ND-CP amending Decree No. 122/2016/ ND-CP on the Export Tariff and the Preferential Import Tariff, in which adjust export and import tariff rates for a number of items to promote the development of agriculture, mechanics, automotive industry and supporting industries.more

Preliminary assessment of Vietnam international merchandise trade performance in the first 4 months of 2020


1. According to trade statistics of Vietnam Customs, in April 2020, a 22.0% downwards in total external merchandise turnover of Vietnam was recorded as compared to the result of March 2020. Exports went down 27.1 %, to USD 17.58 billion and imports decreased 16.4%, to USD 18.52 billion in terms of month-on- month basis. As a result, there was a USD 0.94 billion deficit in Vietnam’s trade balance in this month.more
Nguyên tệNgày hiệu lựcTỷ giá
USD01/06/202023.210,00 đ
EUR01/06/202025.271,42 đ
JPY01/06/2020210,91 đ
GBP01/06/202028.139,00 đ
CHF01/06/202023.697,01 đ
AUD01/06/202015.186,71 đ
CAD01/06/202016.687,86 đ
SEK01/06/20202.382,32 đ
NOK01/06/20202.318,67 đ
DKK01/06/20203.380,95 đ
RUB01/06/2020328,14 đ
NZD04/06/202014.884,41 đ
HKD01/06/20202.959,68 đ
SGD01/06/202016.176,11 đ
MYR01/06/20205.299,79 đ
THB01/06/2020717,86 đ
IDR04/06/20201,65 đ
KRW01/06/202018,10 đ
INR01/06/2020306,68 đ
TWD04/06/2020777,30 đ
CNY01/06/20203.217,53 đ
KHR04/06/20205,67 đ
LAK04/06/20202,59 đ
MOP04/06/20202.911,94 đ
Hotline 19009299 for Vietnam Customs.
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