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Vision and Mission

​​​Vision and Mission.

The Customs of Vietnam is a highly professional, modern, transparent, and effective Customs Administration meeting requirements of actual situations and national economic development.
Mission Stateent
  • Enforcing the effective management over imports & exports activities and international trade, providing favourable conditions to the trade and production development.
  • Protecting and contributing to the facilitation of development of national economy.
  • Protecting revenues.
  • Fighting against smuggling, combat commercial fraud, protecting the interests of consumers.
  • Contributing to the protection of economic sovereignty, national security and community security.
  • Assisting in socio-economic management.
Client(*) Charter
          Client Charter is Vietnam Customs’ commitment to the society in terms of trade facilitation and meeting the demand of the State management in trade, investment and international tourism.
I. Our slogan: Professionalism – Transparency – Efficiency
II. Commitment of Vietnam Customs
     1. Overall Commitment
  • Enthusiastic and devoted to work; professionally proficient, complying with related procedures and regulations; courteous at work and communication.
  • Building up a customs procedure system in line with international standards and practices;
  • Receiving sufficiently, responding and solving clients’ opinions and appeals in a timely manner;
  • Applying the client-to-supervise mechanism for customs perfomance.
  • Reducing the rate of goods physical inspection, administrative cost and clearance time;
  • Meeting the demand of the State management in the field of customs and effective management of customs law compliance.
      2. Specific commitments
      a. Deadline for receiving and registering declaration:
  • After 30 minutes at the latest from the time of receiving a declaration, Customs officers are to complete receiving, checking and registering the declaration
  • Except for complicated cases with more than 10 items of goods); or to respond by producing a technical requirement note for unaccepted declarations or those that need modifying or adding information.
      b. Deadline for dealing with duty exemption dossiers:
  • Within 10 working days after receiving a sufficient and legitimate duty exemption dossier, the Customs authority is to solve the dossier for organizations, individuals.
      c. Deadline to solve difficulties of clients:
  • After 5 working days at the latest from the date of receiving clients’ written request concerning their difficulties, the Customs authority is to respond in writing;
  • In case of over Customs’ competence, within 5 working days, the Customs authority is to collect competent agencies’ opinions in writing and inform clients simultaneously. Within 3 working days from the date of receiving the feedback from the relevant agencies, the Customs authority is to answer clients in writing.
      d. Deadline to solve clients’ appeals:
  • Conforming to the provisions stipulated in the Law on Appeal.
III. Expectation for clients:
  • Thoroughly understand and comply with the Customs laws;
  • Making customs declarations honestly and accurately;
  • Performing duty obligation in accordance with legislation;
  • Conducting no negative act;
  • Positively co-operate with the Customs authority in solving issues;
  • Supporting policies on customs reform and modernization;
  • Contributing ideas to Customs for the purpose of performance improvement.
IV. Contact point and feedback:
  • In case of any complaint or feedback on matters related to customs, clients may contact by the following ways:
         -  Sending email to the address: tongcuchaiquan@customs.gov.vn or bophanhotrotchq@customs.gov.vn
         -  Sending mail or coming to the address: The General Department of Vietnam Customs, Duong Dinh Nghe Road, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi.
  • Organizations, individuals can help protect the community by informing smuggling, tax evasion acts through the customs hotline: 19009299
  • To contact with Helpdesk: please call hotline 1900 96 96 47 , ext no 2
  • Information: Organizations, individuals can get more information on the policies and activities of Vietnam Customs at website https://www.customs.gov.vn; http://customsnews.vn      (*) “Clients” means agencies, enterprises and individuals.



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Hotline 19009299 for Vietnam Customs.
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