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TitleIssuing dateSummary
31/2015/QD-TTg04/08/2015Decision no.31/2015/QD-TTg allowance of baggage, movables, gifts, donations and sample goods that qualifies for tax exemption, tax exemption consideration and non-taxable status
49/2015/TT-BTC14/04/2015Circular no.49/2015/TT-BTC Stipulating the customs procedure for mails, packages or parcels of goods exported or imported through postal services provided by authorized enterprises
952/QĐ-TCHQ03/04/2015Decision 952/QĐ-TCHQ dated 03/4/2015 on the amendments to client service charter.
34/2015/NĐ-CP31/03/2015Decree no.34/2015/NĐ-CP providing amendments to a number of articles of the decree no. 53/2013/nđ-cp dated may 18, 2013 by the government on establishment, organization and operation of vietnam asset management company​
38/2015/TT-BTC25/03/2015Circular no.38/2015/TT-BTC On customs procedures, customs supervision and inspection, export tax, import tax, and tax administration applied to exported and imported goods
39/2015/TT-BTC25/03/2015Circular no.39/2015/TT-BTC On customs value of imported goods and exported goods
08/2015/ND-CP21/01/2015Decree no.08/2015/ND-CP providing specific provisions and guidance on enforcement of the customs law on customs procedures, examination, supervision and control procedures
54/2014/QH1323/06/2014Law on Custons no.54/2014/QH13, regulating the state administration of customs with regard to goods being imported, exported or in transit, and means of transport of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals on exit, entry or in transit within the customs territory; and regulates the organization and operation of Customs
Law No. /2013/QH1016/04/2013Customs Law Draft
42/2012/TT-BCT27/12/2012Circular no.42/2012/TT-BCT dated Dec.27th.2012 stipulating list of goods produced from bodering countries and imported into Socialist republic of Vietnam via trading and exchanging goods among border inhabitants
Circular No. 32/2012/TT-BYT24/12/2012Circular No. 32/2012/TT-BYT of December 24, 2012, providing health declaration by persons on entry, exit or transit through Vietnamese border gates
Circular No. 41/2012/TT-BCT21/12/2012Circular No. 41/2012/TT-BCT of December 21, 2012, providing the export of minerals
Circular No. 196/2012/TT-BTC 15/11/2012Circular No. 196/2012/TT-BTC of November 15, 2012, providing e-customs procedures for commercial imports and exports
193/2012/TT-BTC15/11/2012Circular no.193/2012/TT-BTC dated Nov.15th.2012 promulgating the preferential import and export tariff according to the list of taxable products
2914/QD-BTC 14/11/2012Decision no.2914/QD-BTC dated Nov.14th.2012 on correcting Circular No. 156/2011/TT-BTC dated November 14 2011 of Ministry of Finance on promulgating the list of Vietnamese export and Import goods .
Circular No. 186/2012/TT-BTC 02/11/2012Circular No. 186/2012/TT-BTC of November 2, 2012, stipulating declaration and declaration appendix forms for goods in transit and the printing, issuance, management and use of declarations and appendices
Circular No. 183/2012/TT-BTC25/10/2012Circular No. 183/2012/TT-BTC of October 25, 2012, prescribing the forms of declaration and declaration annex for goods brought into or out of bonded warehouses and the use thereof
Decree No. 87/2012/ND-CP 23/10/2012Decree No. 87/2012/ND-CP of October 23, 2012, detailing a number of articles of the Customs Law regarding e-customs procedures for commercial imports and exports
44/2012/TT-BGTVT23/10/2012Circular no.44/2012/TT-BGTVT dated Oct.23rd.2012 stipulating the inspection of the technical quality, safety and environment protection of imported motorbikes and imported engines for motorbike manufacture and assembly
Decision No. 39/2012/QD-TTg 05/10/2012Decision No. 39/2012/QD-TTg of October 5, 2012, promulgating the Regulation on management of ornamental trees, shade trees and secular trees
CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD29/11/202122,575.00 đ
EUR29/11/202125,019.66 đ
JPY29/11/2021192.59 đ
GBP29/11/202129,781.58 đ
CHF29/11/202123,913.10 đ
AUD29/11/202116,080.72 đ
CAD29/11/202117,648.03 đ
SEK29/11/20212,437.80 đ
NOK29/11/20212,482.55 đ
DKK29/11/20213,356.18 đ
RUB29/11/2021302.23 đ
NZD02/12/202115,866.84 đ
HKD29/11/20212,864.00 đ
SGD29/11/202116,314.79 đ
MYR29/11/20215,318.94 đ
THB29/11/2021668.60 đ
IDR02/12/20211.61 đ
KRW29/11/202118.31 đ
INR29/11/2021303.37 đ
TWD02/12/2021835.55 đ
CNY29/11/20213,512.71 đ
KHR02/12/20215.70 đ
LAK02/12/20212.14 đ
MOP02/12/20212,881.71 đ
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