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Name: astraco freight
Category: Giao lưu hải quan Việt nam
Title: Mr .gordon Yeap
Question: WE received mail from exporter in vietnam that for their next shipment of unroasted groundnut to malaysia, the HS code will be declared as 1202410000 instead of 1202109000. Our malaysian Hs code for the mentioned products is still 1202109000. Kindly advise
Submitted time: 7/03/2012 8:36 PM
Responsibilities: Phòng QLGD & TTĐT
Answered time: 13/03/2012

For your question, we would like to have below suggestion:

Note: Our suggestion is for your reference only, not legally obligated.

The identification of HS codes of some particular items must be based on composition, description of goods, and actual goods. You mentioned only HS code so we haven’t basic for specific answers.

Pursuant to List of Vietnam import export goods enclosed with Circular No. 156/2011/TT-BTC dated 14/11/2011 by the Ministry of Finance, effective from 01/01/2012, it does not have HS code 1202109000. Your mentioned goods “ ground-nuts’ is possible in Chapter 12 of List of Vietnam import export goods with detail HS code as follow:

HS 12.02 – Ground-nuts, not roasted or otherwise cooked, whether or not shelled or broken

HS - Seed

                         - Other

HS - In shell

HS - Shelled, whether or not broken

In order to identify HS code of  this item, you may refer above document in Vietnam website at portal: www.customs.gov.vn

Your sincerely.
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