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Procedures of issuing preferential Certificate of Origin

21/04/2011 2:00 PM

On March 21, 2011, Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular No. 06/2011/TT-BCT prescribed procedures of issuing preferential Certificate of Origin (C/O) in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and other bilateral or multilateral Agreements prescribed tariff reduction between Vietnam with one or more countries or territories. Circular applied to C/O issuing agency which is authorized by Ministry of Industry and Trade to issue preferential C/O, involved individual, traders and oganizations.


As stipulated in the Circular, C/O applicant shall register trade profile with C/O issuing agency at its first registration and only to be put in consideration when applicant has completed its trade profile registration; in case, trader wishes to be granted C/O at different issuing agency with the agency trader has registered its trade profile previously for force majeure or good reasons, applicant for C/O shall register trade profile and other papers as precribed for the C/O issuing agency.


Time of issuing C/O does not exceed 04 working hours from the time applicant applies its complete and valid profile for the case of export by air and does not exceed 08 working hours for the case of export by other means. For trader applies its trade profile by post, time of issuing C/O is one working day from the date written on the envelope.


The Circular also stipulated in detail trade profile declaration for C/O through internet. Trader makes declarations of data as required by eCOSys on the website www.ecosys.gov.vn on the basis of factual information, available on the C/O profile application. Trader makes an electronic signatures and transmit these data to the C/O issuing agency. Within one working day from the time of receiving e-data transmitted by trader, C/O issuing agency reviews declared information and informs back to trader the result through internet at the aboved adress. Data declared through internet shall be resolved in priority over data declared submitted directly or sent by post.

CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD28/11/201421,246.00 đ
EUR21/11/201426,625.49 đ
JPY21/11/2014179.78 đ
GBP21/11/201433,292.48 đ
CHF21/11/201422,170.51 đ
AUD21/11/201418,280.06 đ
CAD21/11/201418,722.24 đ
SEK21/11/20142,872.13 đ
NOK21/11/20143,125.42 đ
DKK21/11/20143,577.49 đ
RUB21/11/2014453.46 đ
NZD21/11/201416,652.61 đ
HKD21/11/20142,739.62 đ
SGD21/11/201416,321.73 đ
MYR21/11/20146,325.10 đ
THB21/11/2014647.35 đ
IDR21/11/20141.75 đ
KRW21/11/201419.11 đ
INR21/11/2014343.06 đ
TWD21/11/2014688.46 đ
CNY21/11/20143,471.85 đ
KHR21/11/20145.24 đ
LAK21/11/20142.64 đ
MOP21/11/20142,661.41 đ
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