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Developments and trends of Vietnam international merchandise trade in the January of 2012

Vietnam Customs Statistics  17/02/2012 3:00 PM


1. In January 2012, the long Lunar New Year holiday effected on economy activities of Vietnam in general, especially the country’s export and import performance so that Vietnam Customs’ trade data  recorded  a sharp double-digit  decrease in Vietnam’s international trade-in-good in the first month of 2012 (24%), which totalled US dollars 14.02 billion in value terms, in comparison with the performance of December, 2011 and below 9.2% the corresponding period last year . In which, the total merchandise export value reached nearly US dollars 7.1 billion, down strongly by 21.9% in comparison with previous month and 3% below the corresponding period of last year.  On import side, the total value  amounted to US dollars 6.92 billion, 26% below the performance of December, 2011 and remarkably decreased by 14.7% as compared to the same period of one year earlier.

2. Vietnam’s trade balance was in surplus in January 2012, posting US dollars 172 million. It has been a rare result for years.

 3. According to trade data for exports and imports released by Vietnam Customs, for the first month of 2012, the total value of exportation and importation by foreign direct invested (FDI) traders was US dollars 7.61 billion, with 11.8% above the result of the same period one year earlier. Total value of FDI exportation came at US dollars 3.99 billion, advanced robustly by 14.4 % . By importation, the total value of those traders was US dollars 3.63 billion, slightly up by 32.1% .



6.  The following  Table disseminated by Vietnam Customs  illustrates Top 10 major exported commodities of  Vietnam in January, 2012 . The leading exports of Vietnam to the world were: textiles and garments (US dollars 1.079 billion). Followed by telephones, mobile phones and parts thereof (US dollars 850 million); foot-wears (US dollars 544 million); crude oil (US dollars 526); computers, electrical products, spare- parts and components thereof (US dollars 406 million); …

7. The following chart shows that the United States is the No. 1 importer of Vietnamese products with the total value of  US dollars 1,245 million in the first month of 2012; Japan is the second importer of Vietnam; and then China, Republic of Korea, Germany, Australia, …


8. Table 3 shows the top 10 major imported commodities in January 2012. It is evident from the table that  the leading imports of Vietnam from rest of the world were as follow : machine, equipment, tools and instruments (US dollars 956 million); computers, electrical products, spare-parts and components thereof (US dollars 793 million) is the second biggest import;  and then petroleum products (US dollars 552 million); iron and steel (US dollars 420 million); fabrics (US dollars 382 million); …


9. China was the biggest exporting country to Vietnam with the value of US dollars 1.64 million in January , followed by: Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand…



CurrencyEffective dateExchange rate
USD27/11/201421,246.00 đ
EUR21/11/201426,625.49 đ
JPY21/11/2014179.78 đ
GBP21/11/201433,292.48 đ
CHF21/11/201422,170.51 đ
AUD21/11/201418,280.06 đ
CAD21/11/201418,722.24 đ
SEK21/11/20142,872.13 đ
NOK21/11/20143,125.42 đ
DKK21/11/20143,577.49 đ
RUB21/11/2014453.46 đ
NZD21/11/201416,652.61 đ
HKD21/11/20142,739.62 đ
SGD21/11/201416,321.73 đ
MYR21/11/20146,325.10 đ
THB21/11/2014647.35 đ
IDR21/11/20141.75 đ
KRW21/11/201419.11 đ
INR21/11/2014343.06 đ
TWD21/11/2014688.46 đ
CNY21/11/20143,471.85 đ
KHR21/11/20145.24 đ
LAK21/11/20142.64 đ
MOP21/11/20142,661.41 đ
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